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Founder & CEO, Webnotik

Roger Valdez

Web pro and family man Roger shares one of his experiences helping a client, and how it can help any of us in life.


Audiologist, Retired

Patricia Coburn

Patricia shares the story of her parents and passes it down to her grandkids through her book. 

Family Historian

Digital Creator

Scott Brandon Hoffman

Host at The "Mostly" Conscious Late Night Show. Big heart and big laughs here! 

Artist. Entertainer. Mentor

They Did It, So Can YOU!

Massage Therapist, JNCI, LLC

Rosa Valdez

Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner. Body work and coaching to relieve pain, fatigue and stress.

Health Practitioner

Tech Support Specialist

Eric Padilla

Tech pro and web designer shares his powerful message for personal and professional success.

Web Designer

Executive Director, Intuitive Business Mastery, LLC

Dr. Elena Estanol, Ph.D, M.F.A.

Dr. Elena goes deep In Flow And On FireTM. Her perspective is flowing and powerful and on fire!

In Flow And On FireTM

Home Brewers, Coaches, Veterans!

Partner Alliance Coordinator

Maxwell Wilkos

Connecting people and working on a batch of home-brewed beer. Or checking off a National Park from his bucket list. 

Hospitality Pro

Catalyst Coaching Solutions

Rayana T. Starre

Loved by her coaching clients as she coaches and holds them accountable. She transforms information into Action!

Business Coach


"No Pants" Sammi

Ranked 3rd in the world, Sammi Johnson has lived an unconventional life to say the least.


Entrepreneurs, Artists, Performers!

Kangen H20 Lady

Gary Howland & Tina Mercer

Entrepreneurs and real estate investors while changing lives as a Kangen h2O Lady! 

Real Estate Investors

Artistic Agenda Press

Christopher J. Wesley

Advancing personal exploration, authentic living, and empowering discovery.

Empowering Discovery

Smile for Me Records

Chris Goslow

Full-time professional musician and piano teacher with long history in the music industry.

Music Artist, Pianist

Investors, Speakers, Martial Artists!

President, Arcane Properties

Bob McIntosh

As a professional speaker and trainer Bob has captivated audiences. He is a professional Freedom Creator.

Real Estate Investor

Founder, Fit+Faith

Dr. Melody Stevens

Motivational Speaker and founder of Fit+Faith, Dr. Melody helps women restore Truth in Beauty, Faith & Health.

Motivational Speaker

Police Officer

Amechi Akpom

Founder of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training Journal and Police Officer Amechi knows how to get it done!

Black Belt Police Officer

Musicians, Singers, Advisors!

Bassist, The Varigolds

Aidan Breheny

Professional bass guitarist with a touring band, and professional customer retention specialist turned published author.


Amy Leo Music

Amy Leo

Music artist Amy Leo is an acomplished performer and successful recording artist. Now she is also an author.


Business Advisor, FortuneBuilders

Ayman Abifaker

Advising businesses for success in marketing offline and online. Ayman teaches and trains the best.

Business Advisor

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Founders!

VP Customer Support, PhoneBurner

Henry Evans

Entrepreneur & Senior Vice President of PhoneBurner. Famous for escaping the rat race in just one focused hour a day.

The "Hour A Day Entrepreneur"


Averi Melcher

Averi took her side hustle from $10 to $10k a month helping businesses with their SEO, Copywriting and Marketing.

SEO Expert

CEO, Find Your Flow Publishing

Winston Widdes

Winston published his first book and fell in love with it. Now has a goal to help 1,000 people get published!

Founder, CEO

Revivalists, Marketers, Veterans!


Shaun Frederickson

Lover of history, travels and truth. Shaun engages in politics to restore our nation.

Freedom Revivalist

Production Support Manager, Cognizant

ST Tangirala

Business and Marketing Consulting, ST is host of the "Next In Time" podcast. 

Digital Marketing

Marketing Director, MeasurementMarketing.io

Omari Broussard

Navy veteran turned entrepreneur, Omari gets it done, and then 10X's it!

Navy Chief, ret.

Speakers, Pickleballers, Visionaries!

Owner & CEO, Solmiga

Ashley Ludlow

Vocalist and keynote speaker, Ashley has many gifts that she shares with the world!

Singer, Songwriter, Speaker


Clinton A. Young

Clinton has spoken internationally and toured the US by RV. Now he coaches pickleball!

Speaker, Pickleballer

Visionary, Unconventional Life

Jules Schroeder

Musician and Visionary illuminating the path to the Unconventional Life. Forbes 30 under 30.

Visionary Musician

Marketers, Mom's and...YOU?!

Founder, REI Social

Jeune Ortiz

Director of Marketing and Founder of her own company. Now add author to the resume!


Project Coordinator

Regina Carmel

Regina became an author for herself and to show her son what is possible when you put your mind to it!!

Mom and Author

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